Lough Derg, Clare, Ireland


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22 Apr 2017
Added the story of James Malchi Madden [1791-1861], Surgeon in the Royal Navy.

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Lough Derg

On the shores of Lough Derg is the parish of Ogonnelloe, 5 miles north-west from Killaloe, on the road to Scariff. This area is particularly associated with the Maddens and their families who gathered for the Wagga book launch in August 2008.

O'Maddens of

The ancestors of the O'Madden sept came from around Clogher in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

In the fifth century AD Maine Mor, son of Eochaid Ferdiaghial, led some of his tribe south and with the spiritual assistance of Saint Grellan, defeated the pagan kings in East Galway. When he died in 487 AD his territory known as Hy-Many extended from Clontuskert near Ballinasloe to Tuamgraney in County Clare and from Athlone and Lusmagh in Offaly, westwards to Seefin and Athenry in County Galway.

From "History of the O'Maddens of Hy-Many" by Gerard Madden (2004)


About This Site

This site came about as a direct result of the launch of a book by Peter Madden in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia in August 2008.

Just West of Mont St Quentin

The book relates the personal wartime experiences of Peter's grandfather, Patrick Madden and his great uncle, Christopher Madden. Chris died as his battalion tried to take the hill top village of Mont St Quentin, France.


New Beginnings

The book launch brought together many members of the Madden family, some of whom had not seen each other for 50 or more years. This understandably brought about a renewed interest in finding out more about our Madden family and stimulated the sharing of earlier research and the pursuit of new directions.

This site will hopefully encourage the sharing of Madden family research, not only for our own family in Australia but for other Madden 'cousins' in other parts of the world. It may also provide a means of bringing together information relating to the name MADDEN from a variety of sources and areas of interest, such as the origins of the surname, Madden records in civil and church documents, famous Maddens in history, stories of how our ancestors lived in days past and the personal challenges they faced, family photos and maps relating to where Maddens once lived.

We would be delighted to hear from other Maddens who want to learn more about their family roots and are interested in helping one another with their research.

Land Fit for Heroes

Land Fit For Heroes

Written by Chris Madden, the father of Peter Madden who wrote 'Just West of Mont St Quentin' [above] has just published a book [2010] on the Soldier Settlement farms of Urangeline in the Riverina District of south-western NSW. This government scheme aimed to assist returning soldiers discharged after World War I to settle on the land. The scheme had a mixed success.


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